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Rabbit Season? 10 Cinematic Bunnies

 So, this post was meant to come out at Easter, but of course, I had a million other things going on and forgot to load it, so you get it as a start of summer post.  Anyway, it seemed appropriate that in celebration of Easter – which officially endsedlent and meant I could finally go back on the cookies and jelly beans –  we take a few moments to honor the Easter Bunny by recognizing 10 cinematic bunny’s.  (Also, once this post ends, don’t be afraid to take a minute and honor me by popping over here and buying one of my books.  If you get one for the Kindle, you’re only out $1.99, at most, which is a really good deal, if you ask me.)


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The Best Picture Project – Rain Man (1988)

Directed by Barry Levinson

Written by Rob Bass and Barry Morrow

Starring Dustin Hoffman, Tom Cruise and Valeria Golino

The year 1988 saw a juggernaut of a film walk away with the Best Picture Oscar.  Popular at the box office and popular with the critics, it was fait accompli that Rain Man would win Best Picture and when it did, it didn’t seem like much of a surprise.  One would have to believe it’s stiffest competition was with Working Girl, the Mike Nichol’s comedy, or possibly from Dangerous Liaisons, a very good costume drama that featured Keanu Reeves with a British accent, and the first appearance on film of Uma Thurman’s boobs.  Despite the competition, Rain Man took the Oscar and went on to be a cultural phenomenon, propelling it’s opening song, “Iko Iko” to #14 on the American pop chart and was referenced in a whole host of movies, including The Hangover. Continue reading

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