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Seven Least Menacing Movie Villains Ever

You know ‘em, the great movie villains, the bad guys that haunt your dreams and waking lives. Admit it, how many times have you gotten in the shower and imagined Mrs. Bates stabbing you through the curtain, or looked at a chainsaw and flashed back to Leatherface dismembering some unsuspecting victim or gone trick-or-treating excepting Michael Myers to pop around the corner? These are some of the seminal movie monsters, achieving that states because they don’t just scare you in the movies, they’d scare you in real life too. But just as there are memorable villains, there are also ludicrous villains, the completely laughable guys that if you saw in real life wouldn’t scare you, even if they paid you. Below are five of the least menacing villains in movie history. Continue reading

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