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Rabbit Season? 10 Cinematic Bunnies

 So, this post was meant to come out at Easter, but of course, I had a million other things going on and forgot to load it, so you get it as a start of summer post.  Anyway, it seemed appropriate that in celebration of Easter – which officially endsedlent and meant I could finally go back on the cookies and jelly beans –  we take a few moments to honor the Easter Bunny by recognizing 10 cinematic bunny’s.  (Also, once this post ends, don’t be afraid to take a minute and honor me by popping over here and buying one of my books.  If you get one for the Kindle, you’re only out $1.99, at most, which is a really good deal, if you ask me.)


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Thank You Internet, or Ti West and the Great Equalization of Movies

A week or so ago I was on the toilet reading an interview with Ti West in Filmmaker Magazine – the toilet is where I do all of my significant magazine reading, and I suspect I’m not alone in this – and was surprised to discover a filmmaker I’d never heard of on the cover of a magazine I had heard of.  Feeling myself to be something of a movie connoisseur and like I’m generally plugged in to what’s happening in cinema, I was amazed how I’d overlooked this particular director, given his relative level of success, and also quite a bit shocked.

That I didn’t know who he was, though, is somewhat beside the point I want to make.  My point revolves around some discussion in the interview of one of West’s earlier films, The House of the Devil, which intrigued me to the extent that I wanted to see it.  Unfortunately, my local video store is basically a hollow shell of what it once was, and perusing the contents of the Redbox  online, I could see there was no copy of this film for rent anywhere within the boxes within fifty miles of my house – not that I’d ever go that far to rent it – so I was basically sitting on a thirst for a film that my rental options could not quench. Continue reading

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