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Terse Movie Review – Room 237, Dir. by Rodney Ascher

Room 237 (2012 film).jpg

The most fascinatingly wacky movie I think I’ve ever seen — who would have thought it so interesting to listen to a bunch of stupid theories for two hours about a movie I love?  And yet, it was.

Honestly, though, I think the movie might’ve been more disturbing than The Shining itself.  Because the music in horror movies is usually what does it for me  — if you’re itching to see me turn a little lily-livered, play Tubular Bells around me and it just might happen — the music used in this doc gave me the eerie, creeping feeling throughout.  And all that without considering how the blend of classic horror and holocaust-film footage worked on me.

As much as I loved the wackiness and audacity of some of the theories, the real triumph is in the editing.  If ever I’ve seen a movie where I can say the editing deserves an Oscar over all others, it’s this one.

BTW, since this didn’t make it to an actual theater in my town, I gotta give some love to the Amazon Instant App on my Blu-Ray player — I might wear that thing out with all the VOD movies I’m itching to see.

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Ten Drive-In Scenes To Remember

Recently, my wife and I took our kids to a drive-in theater about an hour from my house.  As I kid I remember going to the drive-in several times, seeing such classics as Jaws 3:D and Kenny Rogers/Diane Lane/Erin Gray vehicle Six Pack, but my kids had never had the experience.  We saw Brave, which was substandard Pixar, and The Avengers, which was slightly better than all right.  Anyway, in honor of the event it seemed like a fun idea to look back at the ten most memorable Drive-In scenes in the movies – at least memorable to me. Continue reading

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James Dean – What Might Have Been

Watching Cool Hand Luke recently on the DVR – thank you ’31 Days of Oscar’ on TCM – I noticed Dennis Hopper and Richard Davalos kicking around the background, with Jo Van Fleet having a turn in the foreground, and there was something in the convergence of the three that got me thinking about James Dean. After all, Davalos and Van Fleet were both in East of Eden with Dean, playing his mother and brother, and Dennis Hopper, in addition to playing a small part in Rebel Without a Cause and a less smaller part in Giant, had been a friend/devotee of Dean at the time of Dean’s death. Continue reading


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