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19:59 — An Essay On Running

That nerd in the red is me.

That nerd in the red is me.

Regular readers won’t know this about me — because why would they — but for years I’ve been an avid runner.  I’m also an avid soccer fan and, until a couple years ago, an avid player.  Unfortunately, I’m also getting older so playing soccer at a competitive level — which is not all that competitive at all — was taking a physical toll.  In other words, I was getting more and more sore after games and it was harder to recover.

So, once soccer went away for me, I turned my attentions full on to running.  One of the things I wanted to do as a runner was break the 20 minute barrier in a 5k and when I finally did it, I wrote the following piece.  And hey, when you’re done reading this for free, why don’t you skip on over to one of the links on the right and buy something from me — buying things always makes you feel better: Continue reading

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