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The Best of the Best Of’s: Must See Compilation Films

Film lovers like me, by definition, love film.  They go nuts over the latest Criterion releases, go through the viewing guide on TCM and the other stations so they can set their DVR, and sometimes arrange their whole life around the experience of watching a movie.

It stands to reason that if film-lovers love films, then the hardcore film-lovers love films about films – especially documentaries about films.  What follows is 10 films about films, in no particular order.  The only way to get on the list: 1) I had to like the film.  2) It couldn’t be a retrospective of the work of just one filmmakers because if it were, it would be a film about a filmmaker, not a film about films. Continue reading


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Grin and Bare It – Actresses and Nudity

(Author’s note: This essay originally appeared in four parts and is compiled into one here)

Part I: First Nudity After-30

Recently my wife and I watched The Proposal, the Sandra Bullock-Ryan Reynolds romantic-comedy.  Normally I’m not big on Sandra Bullock romantic comedies, though I did enjoy Two Weeks Notice.  While The Proposal was enjoyable – if completely farfetched – I was struck by the nude scene Ms. Bullock performs halfway through the movie.  Leading into the release of the film I’d heard all the fuss about her doing a nude scene for the movie and even if I wasn’t exactly looking forward to it – by the time it hit DVD I forgot all about it – it wasn’t unwelcome. 

When I saw it I was pretty impressed about how well she’s holding up at 44 and then I remembered all the press leading into the film making a big deal about this being her first nude scene and this got me thinking about what other actresses waited until later in their careers – specifically, post-30 – to do nudity.  Below Below are a dozen – a baker’s dozen – not necessarily the best debuts, and not necessarily actresses who went on to greater things, but just an even dozen, from oldest to youngest, of women who waited until they were beyond thirty to do nudity on film for the first time.

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