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The Caretaker – A Novel – Now Available on Amazon

Well, folks, it’s finally arrived, the latest addition to my ongoing list of works: The Caretaker.  Unlike my previous writing, which tends towards the comedic or the young-adult comedic — except when it was not really comedic and could be almost tragic — this spills over into thriller category.  Did I nail the genre switch?  Absolutely I did.  Will you be disappointed if you follow me there?  You most certainly will not.  Is it $5.99?  No.  Is it worth $5.99?  Damn right it is, which makes it a real steal at $2.99.

Anyway, don’t be afraid to pop over and take a look inside — Amazon allows that sort of thing — and then plunk down your money to get the rest.  If nothing else, you’ll feel good just knowing I was happy somebody read it.

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