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There’s More Where That Came From: The Best Severed Digit Movies

imagesCAEGVH5CI don’t know what gave me the idea to do a list of the best movies with severed digits – in this case, digits is not meant in a mathematical way, but in the fingers and toes way – but since all lists are inherently arbitrary constructed and a little stupid (AFI’s 100 Years…100 Laughs, anybody?), it seemed all right just to embrace these lists for all their stupidity and pick something outre.

So, here it is, the ten best movies that prominently feature a severed finger.  Or toe.

(Incidentally, I thought about calling this ‘pieces and parts’ but chose an equally silly title.)

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Terse Movie Reviews – Australia, dir. by Baz Luhrmann

Australia is not nearly the terrible movie it’s financial failure – at least in this country – would have you believe.  It’s also not the great, undiscovered gem you might think, either.  But your enjoyment probably depends upon your tolerance for obviously fake special effects and also how monstrous you find Nicole Kidman’s botoxed-forehead.  I can remember when she used to be beautiful – more-than beautiful, but at this point I’m a straight man who’d rather make out with Hugh Jackman than her.

If you like, you can buy my copy here.

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The Best Picture Project – Argo, dir. by Ben Affleck

Oscar Statuettes(NOTE: This post has been slightly modified to serve as the Best Picture Project entry for 2012)

Since I started the Best Picture Project – so many years ago now it’s becoming somewhat pathetic how long it’s taking me to complete it – I’ve posted every year at Oscar time about the Best Picture race and my preferences for the films in the race.  In some ways, the post behaves very much as a true Best Picture Project post behaves and in that it tends to evaluate all the films and stands as my take on all the films.  Since that’s the usual plan, I’ll do my best to make sure that this one can be seen that way.

So here it is, the Best Picture Race 2012, as seen through the eyes of the Best Picture Project. Continue reading

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