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Goliath – On Sale Now! (UPDATED)(UPDATED)

Series comprising Silhouettes of my faceAs always, you can tell that I’m working on other projects simply by looking at the lag between regular posts here and over the past few months my loyal readers should have noted an increasing lag between posts.  This was because I was putting the finishing touches on my new book, Goliath.  And now, it’s finally available for the Kindle.

Here’s the blurb:

“Flora Lichtman had it all – the boyfriend, a job with the storied law firm of Bart, Grabek & Morse and upward mobility.  But when hard times threaten to shutter the firm, everything turns upside-down.

“Salvation comes in the form Jack Jarvis, the notorious schmoozer and rainmaker, who promises to turn it all right-side-up.  But Jarvis is also a prima donna and when Flora finds herself assigned to ‘mind’ him, she sees firsthand the fool’s errand this stroke of genius can be.

“Goliath might not be fit for polite society, but it’s never less-than entertaining.”

For the moment, the book is available solely for the Kindle at a low-low price of $2.99.  And seriously, how cheap is that for a book I spent six months or more working on?  Printed and Nook versions will follow.

(UPDATE) Nook version is now available here, also for the low-low $2.99 price point

(UPDATE) Printed version is available now from Createspace for only $9.75 – if you buy it there, I get more money, not some corporate power.  If you have to have it on Amazon, you can always check my store when it pops up there.

And, in the even you don’t want Goliath, try something else I’ve written – you can find it all here.

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Imminent Release – The Lake House (UPDATED AGAIN)

I’m sure many of my regular readers are wondering what’s happened the last few weeks, with the posts sort of petering to a halt here – esepcially given there was a stretch where it seemed I was posting all the time.  Well, never fear, loyal readers, I did not fall off a cliff.  Or drop dead from some other malady.  No, rather, my real job kept butting in and taking my time away.  My less-real job also kept butting in, with at least three projects in various states of development.  One is ready to enter the home stretch, one is in the home stretch, and one is finally done.

The nearing the home stretch project is a young adult novel I’ve been working on.  It’s called Skinny On The Inside, is a comedy, and as soon as I have more to share, I will.

The in the home stretch is my novel, Goliath.  Many of you have probably heard me talk about that here before – in the previous few blog posts – and once I get through the copy editing phase in the next few weeks, it should be ready.

Finally complete is the novella that kind of just jumped in and took over, The Lake House.  It is just about to go IS live on Amazon right now, for the Kindle, and when it does, I’ll give you the go-ahead to buy.  Until then, gaze at the cover at left and tell yourself it’s not such a big deal to pay $1.99 for a novella – in this case, about a third of the length of a standard novel – because that’s what you’re going to do.  In the next few days or so, it’ll also be available in paperback.  The paperback version is available now, for a low, low price of $5.75.  If you’re more of a fan of Createspace than Amazon – and the fact that more of the money goes into my pocket through Createspace, and not Amazons – get it here.  Don’t be afraid – buy it!

If you like, you can also visit the Amazon Author page and buy from my other works.  Or you can go to B&N for my limited selection of titles available for the Nook.

Happy Buying!

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