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Random Thoughts on Book Reviews and High School English

For a little more than a year I’ve been writing book reviews for another website, not  my own.  It’s been sporadic, and mostly done in my spare time and only when I feel like it, which partly explains why nearly a year passed between my most recent two reviews.  The other part is explained by the latest book I reviewed, a dreadful little thing called Poisonous that I think you should avoid like the plague, because it’s terrible.  Because it’s beyond terrible.  That’s why I won’t say who it’s by or where you can buy it, or show you the picture of the cover or link to the review or anything.  In other words I don’t want it to be easier for you to buy it, because I don’t think you should waste your time and money.  If you read it, the best you’ll feel is indifferent and since nobody likes reading things that leave them indifferent, it’s better to just avoid it. Continue reading

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