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The Best Picture Project — The Departed, dir. by Martin Scorsese (2006)

Departed234.jpgDirected by Martin Scorcese

Screenplay by William Monahan, based on the film Infernal Affairs

Starrring Leonardo Dicaprio, Matt Damno, Jack Nicholson, Vera Farmiga, Ray Winstone, Alec Baldwin, Martin Sheen and Mark Wahlberg

Martin Scorsese should have an Oscar – Martin Scorsese should have a fistful of Oscars.  A fistful in both hands.  He is a legend of cinema, with talent enough that he can hop genres and eras with relative ease, making his style fit them all, no matter how disparate then may be.  Better, he’s been consistently good for more than four decades, without the flameout in quality you get from many other so-called legends.[1]  Add to that he’s a student of film and treats it legitimately, and reverently, as art, and you can see why he should have more Oscars than he know what to do with.

But he doesn’t have more Oscars than he knows what to do with – he only has the one.  Not for directing Raging Bull or Goodfellas, but as director of The Departed.

Let me ask you a question – which is worse: Continue reading

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There’s More Where That Came From: The Best Severed Digit Movies

imagesCAEGVH5CI don’t know what gave me the idea to do a list of the best movies with severed digits – in this case, digits is not meant in a mathematical way, but in the fingers and toes way – but since all lists are inherently arbitrary constructed and a little stupid (AFI’s 100 Years…100 Laughs, anybody?), it seemed all right just to embrace these lists for all their stupidity and pick something outre.

So, here it is, the ten best movies that prominently feature a severed finger.  Or toe.

(Incidentally, I thought about calling this ‘pieces and parts’ but chose an equally silly title.)

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“Never Go With A Hippie To A Second Location”: The Ten Best 30 Rock Episodes

Black background with yellow and white block lettering.In honor of the ending of 30 Rock this week – easily one of the two greatest TV shows of all time – it’s time to break down it’s ten best episodes, if only to remind myself of the excellence that will henceforth live only in re-runs.

30-rock-jackie-jormp-jomp10. Jackie Jormp-Jomp (Season 3)

Prior to this episode, Liz had attempted to use her sexuality to stop cutbacks from effecting TGS – a common threat over the course of 30 Rock.  Of course, her reward is a suspension for sexual harassment and having to deal with everybody’s favorite transgender-HR specialist, Jeffery Weinerslav.  During her suspension, she tries to find a way to fill the time and finally falls in with some women in her building, going to spas and having massages all day, which is something she could definitely get used to.  Except, their perfect existence is not exactly what it seems and requires other stimuli to sustain them.  Two words: Fight Club. Continue reading

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Terse Movie Reviews – Three Pack

Since I started the Terse Book Review feature to help put out some product on the blog – yes, even though you get this for free, I still feel like I should be giving more – there’s no reason not to transition to movies.  So, here goes:

The Outlaw Josey Wales

Good movie, but there’s more spitting here than a porno. Continue reading

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Terse Book Reviews – Miami Blues by Charles Willeford










A great unsung crime novel marred only by occasionally clunky dialog/exposition.  Ripe for rediscovery.  Also a great movie.

(As a note, the afterward of the story includes a notice of the main character winning a baking contest in which she is identified as Mrs. Frank Mansifield.  For those aware of the Willeford oeuvre, they already know Frank Mansfield was the protagonist of Willeford’s earlier novel, Cockfighter.  Glad to see Frank Mansfield managed to find himself love.)

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