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I Can Play Young: 16 Adults Who Played Teens

Movies about the exploits of teens – especially sexual exploits – are normally cash cows for the studios and because the audience tends to be young and not terribly discerning they can be shot on the cheap, ensuring a quick profit. See e.g., American Pie, Superbad, et al.

But while movies about teens are cheap and easy to make, movies starring actual teens are a much more expensive proposition for the simple fact that most teens are tough to work with. Whether it’s because they’re moody, difficult, inconsistent or just because of workplace restrictions on hours , using an actual teen in the role of teen can inflate a picture’s budget before a single frame of celluloid is shot, which is why most films about teenagers have not a single teen in the cast and in the place of the teens, cast actors well into adulthood. See the recent example of Youth in Revolt starring Michael Cera, who was roughly 20 at the time of filming. Continue reading

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