The Collected Also-Rans Project, and other news

6x9_bw_4701Hello, all.

While for you, my loyal readers, the Also-Rans Project came to an end just two weeks ago, it’s basically been over for me for about six weeks.  That’s when I wrote the last of the entries and scheduled them for publication.  In that time, and even before then, I was hard at work on collecting all the entries together and editing them all over again.  Well, after three passes at it, the work is done, and you can now buy the collection in digital and paperback form.  The digital copy is $3.99, the paperback is $19.95.  You can click on the link here, or the cover photo at left, to go to the page to buy it.

Be aware that I do not get rich on the backs of these books or this blog.  I don’t even make enough money to justify my time in doing this.  I only do it because I love it and, while I’d love it if the whole world would buy copies of everything I write, I know that won’t happen.  Nevertheless, because you’ve enjoyed this site for free for years now, it would be good kharma if you bought something for a change.

In other news, I’m going on a slight hiatus here as I contemplate my next project.  I promise to be back by March 15, 2019 with more info as we kick off something new.

Thanks for reading!

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