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front-cover-01If you are a long-time reader of this blog, you are aware of my years-long series, The Best Picture Project.  You’re also probably aware that in late-2016 I compiled that series together, edited the entries, and put it out in both paperback and ebook formats.  It was called The Best Picture Project.  Like this blog, I didn’t put the book out with any hope it would sell or make me money — and it hasn’t.  I put it out because I like to write, and like it when people read my stuff.

That all said, I know at least one person out there  read the book, because they took it as a free book from Amazon Prime — this is actually a good way to get it.  It costs you nothing extra, and makes me a little something extra.

Anyway, how do I know it was read?  Because Amazon gives reports on the pages read of the free kindle books taken through the prime.  That’s why I know that over the middle of this month, somebody read the book in about a week, consuming almost half of it in one day — and it’s not a little book.  I am ever appreciative of this.

Screenshot (3)

To my one verified reader — Thanks!  (Also, thanks to the rest of you, you’re all pretty cool as well.)

That said, I would love it if the folks that read this book, especially the verified readers, would go ahead and give the book a review.  It helps people find the book, and once they’ve found it, helps them decide to buy it.  If you could do that, it would completely make my day.

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