Happy Holidays! Buy Something!

Image result for christmas baubleAh, here we are at the time of year when the good people of the world start throwing around shitloads of money on gifts to celebrate the birth of Jesus.  Or, because we grew up in a culture that values yearly gift giving.  So if you are one of those people, but don’t quite know what to get for that special someone, maybe tried spending your hard-earned cash on something I wrote.

The Best Picture Project by [Hohler III, J.L.]You could try The Best Picture Project — a perfect gift for the film nerd in your life.  I recommend getting it in paperback, that way your beloved film nerd will be seen reading it.  Or, get it in a Kindle version.


Goliath by [Hohler III, J.L.]If you want one of those ‘bad boss’ books, there’s Goliath Again, get it in paperback.



Paul Angstrom by [Hohler III, J.L.]If you want something a little more in the vain of separate stories covering a man’s life from his early years to his last, try Paul Angstrom.  This is one of my personal favorites and, I’ll be honest, every time I edited it I dreaded coming to one particular death that happens, simply because I really liked the character and was sad when they died.


The Locket by [Hohler III, J.L.]Or, if you want something a little more weird/horrorish, try The Locket.

Or, if you’re so inclined, just buy everything.  Find it here!

Merry Holidays!

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