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Big Eyes — A Belated One Sentence Review

Big_Eyes_poster.jpg (270×400)Big Eyes is an enjoyable little movie, full of very good performances — I’m especially partial to Christoph Waltz — that has an off-kilter sensibility but still feels like the strangest part of Tim Burton’s otherwise strange resume, and the film he was least-essential to.

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A Note On High School Graduation

Academic_Dress_of_Graduate_Students_of_University_of_Dhaka.jpg (3264×2448)

This is not my daughter.

The oldest of my children – that being my darling daughter – graduates high school this week.[1]  That’s right, loyal reader: your friend and humble narrator is old enough to have a daughter graduating high school.  And not because he got started as a teen parent, either: nope, I am legitimately old enough to have fathered an adult.[2]  And Happily, she will be a Michigan State Spartan, just like your friend and humble narrator.

Go Green!

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