The Also-Rans Project — By Year

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Below are all entries in The Also-Rans Project

2020 –

2019 – Les Miserables, dir. Ladj Ly (Best International Feature Also-Ran)

2018 – Vice, dir. Adam McKay (Best Picture Also-Ran)

2017 – Call Me By Your Name, dir. by Luca Guadagnino (Best Picture Also-Ran)

2016 – Hacksaw Ridge, dir. by Mel Gibson (Best Picture Also Ran); Lion, dir. by Garth Davis (Best Picture Also-Ran)

2015 – Room, dir. by Lenny Abrahamson (Best Picture Also Ran)

2014 – Selma, dir. by Ava Duvernay (Best Picture Also Ran)

2013 – Philomena, dir. Stephen Frears (Best Picture Also Ran)

2012 – The Life of Pi, dir. by Ang Lee (Best Picture Also Ran)

2011 – Hugo, dir. by Martin Scorcese (Best Picture Also Ran)

2010 – Another Year, dir. by Mike Leigh (Best Original Screenplay Also-Ran)

2009 – An Education, dir. by Lone Scherfig (Best Picture Also Ran)

2008 – The Reader, dir. Stephen Daldry (Best Picture Also Ran)

2007 – Atonement, dir. by Joe Wright (Best Picture Also Ran)

2006 – The Queen, dir. Stephen Frears (Best Picture Also Ran)

2005 – Tsotsi, dir. Gavin Hood (Best Foreign Language Film Winner)

2004 – The Sea Inside (Mar Ardento), dir. by Alejandro Amenabar (Best Foreign Language Film Winner)

2003 – The Barbarian Invasions, dir. Denys Arcand (Best Foreign Language Film Winner)

2002 – Talk to Her (Hable Con Ella), dir. Pedro Almodovar (Best Director Also Ran)

2001 – Iris, dir. Richard Eyre (Best Actress/Supporting Actress Also Ran)

2000 – Billy Elliot, dir. Stephen Daldry (Best Director, Supporting Actress, Original Screenplay Also Ran)

1999 – Topsy-Turvy, dir. Mike Leigh (Best Original Screenplay, et al, Also-Ran)

1998 – Hilary and Jackie, dir. Anand Tucker (Best Actress/Supporting Actress Also-Ran 1998)

1997 – The Wings of the Dove, dir. Iain Softley (Best Actress Also-Ran)

1996 – Secrets & Lies, dir. Mike Leigh (Best Picture Also-Ran)

1995 – Antonia’s Line, dir. Marleen Gorris (Best Foreign Language Film Winner)

1994 – The Madness of King George, dir. by Nicholas Hytner (Best Actor, et al, Nominee)

1993 – The Remains of the Day, dir. by James Ivory (Best Picture Nominee)

1992 – Howard’s End, dir. James Ivory (Best Picture Also-Ran)

1991 – Rambling Rose, dir. Martha Coolidge (Best Actress and Supporting Actress Also-Rans)

1990 – Mr. & Mrs. Bridge, dir. James Ivory (Best Actress Also-Ran)

1989 – Henry V, dir. Kenneth Branagh (Best Director and Actor Also-Ran)

1988 – The Accidental Tourist, dir. by Lawrence Kasdan (Best Picture Nominee)

1987 – Hope and Glory, dir. by John Boorman (Best Picture Also Ran)

1986 – Children of a Lesser God, dir. by Randa Haines (Best Picture Nominee)

1985 – A Trip to Bountiful, dir. by Peter Masterson & Agnes of God, dir. by Norman Jewison (Best Actress Winner/Also-Ran)

1984 – Places In The Heart, dir. Robert Benton (Best Picture Nominee)

1983 – Tender Mercies, dir. by Bruce Beresford (Best Picture Nominee)

1982 – Missing, dir. Costa-Gavras (Best Picture Nominee)

1981 – Atlantic City, dir. by Louis Malle (Best Picture Also-Ran)

1980 – Tess, dir. Roman Polanski (Best Picture Also-Ran)

1979 – La Cage Aux Folles, dir. Edouard Molinaro (Best Director Also-Ran)

1978 – Coming Home, dir. Hal Ashby (Best Picture Nominee)

1977 – Julia, dir. Fred Zinnemann (Best Picture Nominee)

1976 – Face to Face, dir. Ingmar Bergman (Best Director/Actress Also-Ran)

1975 – Amarcord, dir. Federico Fellini (Best Director Also-Ran)

1974 – Harry and Tonto, dir. Paul Mazursky (Best Screenplay Also-Ran)

1973 – The Exorcist, dir. by William Friedkin (Best Picture Also-Ran)

1972 – The Emigrants, dir. Jan Troell (Best Picture Also-Ran)

1971 – Nicholas and Alexandra, dir. by Franklin J. Schaffner (Best Picture Also Ran)

1970 – Airport, dir. by George Seaton (Best Picture Also-Ran)

1969 – Anne of the Thousand Days, dir. Charles Jarrot (Best Picture ALso-Ran)

1968 – Funny Girl, dir. by William Wyler (Best Picture Also-Ran)

1967 – Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner, dir. by Stanley Kramer (Best Piture Also-Ran)

1966 – The Russians Are Coming, The Russians Are Coming, dir. by Norman Jewison (Best Picture Also Ran)

1965 – Darling, dir. John Schlesinger (Best Picture Also Ran)

1964 – Zorba the Greek, dir. Michael Cacoyannis (Best Picture Also Ran)

1963 – Igra, dir. Dusan Vukotic (Short Subject — Cartoon Also-Ran)

1962 – The Longest Day, dir. by Ken Annakin, et al (Best Picture Also Ran)

1961 – The Hustler, dir. by Robert Rossen (Best Picture Also Ran)

1960 – The Sundowners, dir. Fred Zinnemann (Best Picture Also-Ran)

1959 – The Nun’s Story, Dir. Fred Zinnemann (Best Picture Also-Ran)

1958 – Separate Tables, Dir. Delbert Mann (Best Picture Also-Ran)

1957 –  Sayonara, dir. by Joshua Logan (Best Picture Also-Ran)

1956 – The King and I, Dir. Walter Lang (Best Picture Also-Ran)

1955 – Picnic, Dir. Joshua Logan (Best Picture Also-Ran)

1954 – Three Coins in the Fountain, Dir. Jean Negulesco (Best Picture Also Ran) // The Country Girl, dir. George Seaton (Best Picture Also-Ran)

1953 – The Robe, dir. by Henry Koster (Best Picture Also-Ran_

1952 – Ivanhoe, dir. Richard Thorpe (Best Picture Also Ran)

1951 – A Place in the Sun, Dir. George Stevens (Best Picture Also Ran)

1950 – Born Yesterday, Dir. George Cukor (Best Picture Also Ran)

1949 – Twelve o’Clock High, Dir. Henry King (Best Picture Also Ran)

1948 –  The Snake Pit, dir. Anatole Litvak (Best Picture Also-Ran )

1947 – Crossfire, Dir. by Edward Dmytryk (Best Picture Also Ran)

1946 – The Yearling, Dir. by Clarence Brown (Best Picture Also Ran)

1945 – Mildred Pierce, Dir. Michael Curtiz (Best Picture Also Ran)

1944 – Gaslight, Dir. George Cukor (Best Picture Also Ran)

1943 – For Whom The Bell Tolls, Dir. Sam Wood (Best Picture Also Ran) // Watch on the Rhine, dir. Herman Shumlin (Best Picture Also Ran)

1942 – 49th Parallel, Dir. Michael Powell (Best Picture Also Ran)

1941 – Suspicion, Dir. Alfred Hitchcock (Best Picture Also-Ran)

1940 – Our Town, dir. Sam Wood (Best Picture Also-Ran)

1939 – Stagecoach, Dir. John Ford (Best Picture Also Ran)

1938 – The Adventures of Robin HoodDir. Michael Curtiz and William Keighley (Best Picture Also Ran)

1937 – A Star Is Born, dir. William Wellman (Best Picture Also Ran)

1936 – San Francisco, Dir. W. S. Van Dyke (Best Picture Also Ran)

1935 –  Ruggles of Red Gap, Dir. Leo McCarey (Best Picture Also Ran)

1934 –  The Gay Divorcee, Dir. Mark Sandrich (Best Picture Also Ran)

1932/1933 – 42nd Street, Dir. Lloyd Bacon (Best Picture Also Ran)

1931/1932 – The Champ, dir. by King Vidor (Best Picture Also Ran)

1930/1931 – The Front Page, dir. .Lewis Milestone (Best Picture Also-Ran)

1929/1930 – The Love Parade, Dir. Ernst Lubitsch (Best Picture Also Ran) // The Big House, dir. by George W. Hill (Best Picture Also Ran)

1928/1929 – In Old Arizona, dir. Irving Cummings and Raoul Walsh (Best Picture Also-Ran)

1927/1928 – Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans, Dir. F.W. Murnau (Best Picture Also Ran)

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