Announcing — The Also Ran’s Project

Oscar StatuettesHello, loyal readers, I’m pleased to announce that, as The Best Picture Project winds down – admittedly, it’s a slow wind-down – I’m starting a new project to carry me through the next four or five years, which is about the length of time it’s taken me to get through The Best Picture Project.

The new one?  The Also Ran’s Project.

What is The Also Ran’s Project, you ask?  Well, to answer that, I have to start with a digression.

With The Best Picture Project, my goal was to watch every Oscar winner for Best Picture and weigh in with my thoughts of them in a very uncoordinated way.  The posts came on no timetable, in no discernible order, and with no overt structure.  In essence, they were my free-form thoughts on anything that interested me about the particular movie or that the particular movie inspired in me.  The only thing that seemed a piece of them all was I decided whether that film was, or wasn’t, the Best Picture of that year.

Curiously, I was never wrong.

The Also Ran’s Project will be similar to The Best Picture Project in that I will watch an Academy Award nominee for Best Picture from every of the Oscars – particularly a nominee I haven’t seen before, so as to close in some of the blind-spots in my cinema experience.

Obviously, there will be years where I’ve seen everything nominated so there me be a time or two of improvisation, but we’ll cross those bridges when we come to that.  And much like The Best Picture Project, I’ll share my thoughts on the movie, life, and anything else that seems relevant.

Hopefully, completion of this Project will not take five years.

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