What To Do…?

luiseAs loyal readers know, I’ve been chipping away at the Best Picture Project for some time — a little more intently at some times than others.  Well, at this point I’m an even dozen or so away from finishing and I’m determined to put an end to things this year, hopefully in the first half.  To that end I’ve got a DVD for The Life of Emile Zola waiting and DVD’s around the house for pretty much all the rest.  Come hell or high water, his year will put an end to it.

This leaves me, of course, in the position of wondering…what to do next?

No, loyal readers, I’m not going to pack it in and euthanize the blog — although, given how rarely I posted over the last year, who would know?  Rather, I intend to take on a different project, possibly two.

One I have in mind would be called ‘The Also-Rans’, a series looking at a Best Picture nominee in every year that I’ve not seen before — for instance, in 1939 I could watch Stagecoach.  Obviously, some years will be tough, because I’ve seen them all, but we’ll make it work.  Besides, I’m hoping that by taking a look at something down-menu, as it were, I might learn something.  Or maybe not.

The other would be called ‘Twinsies’ and more along the lines of double-features of films with the same title, or with the same actor/actress/writer/director that are disparate ends of the spectrum.  Think Sandra Bullock in The Blind Side vs. some movie where she’s the villain.

Maybe what I’ll do is both — I guess since this is my blog, I’m allowed to do that.

In the meantime, I’m going to watchThe Life of Emile Zola — meet you back here in a few days.  Maybe.

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