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On Getting Older And Nine Inch Nails

File:Nine Inch Nails logo.svgTimes change.  Yes, that’s stating the obvious, because if they didn’t change we’d all still be living in a world where wheels were square, where Isaac Newtown is still trying to explain why apples fall to earth, and this thing called the internet was even so much as a pipe dream.  But even if I know things changed, it wasn’t until I started to actually get older myself that I really became aware of it.

(As an aside, when I say ‘get older’ I mean in the ‘nearing-40’ sense of the phrase, not the ‘nearing retirement’ sense.)

And because times change, it stands to reason things I used to be really into just 20 short years ago would no longer have the same appeal, just as things I thought really lame and boring might now kind of fun and interesting.  And even many things I still enjoy from 20 years ago have not been immune to change.  Sometimes they’re maddening and saddening.  Sometimes they’re downright goofy.

Let us consider Nine Inch Nails. Continue reading

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