Terse Movie Review – Holy Rollers and Vertigo

I must apologize my regular reader for being lax with a new post — when you have a ‘real’ job, sometimes your hobby has to take a backseat to things, as much I would like them now to.  But here I am, hoping to make amends, in my own little way.

holyHoly Rollers

Isn’t it a great world where a movie about bible folk counting cards exists?  And it’s not fiction?  And that one of the Bible-thumping card counters is self-aware enough to realize that, in spite of his faith, when he says God told him a member of the team was cheating, he is naturally apprehensive to say something about it because he knows saying he heard the voice of God might make him sound crazy.


It might be sacrilege to say this, given that the film recently supplanted Citizen Kane as the best film of all time – at least according to the AFI – but I’ve never thought Vertigo was even the best Hitchcock movie, let alone the best of all time.  After all, the man made The 39 Steps, Rebecca, Psycho and North by Northwest – all easily better than Vertigo.  I suppose in the end I’ll have to write it off as being magical for some people in the way Citizen Kane is magical for me.  But for my money, the movie is a bit lumpen and lumbering and has a jagged narrative that only partially deserving of its reputation.

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