Terse Review – Party Down (Seasons 1 & 2)

Just blasted through both seasons of Party Down on DVD — well, maybe not blasted, as it took me a week or so to get there — and even though I know the ending of the show was enforced by cancellation and the loss of Jane Lynch to Glee and Adam Scott to Parks & Rec, I kind of think the ending of the show is perfect.  After all, if it were to have gone to another season you’d know how Henry’s audition for that movie turned out, whether he got the part or not.  But because it ended as it did you’re left to draw your own conclusions about the outcome and fortunately one of the conclusions is that Henry got the part and his career took off and so the show had to end.  After all, the first episode of Party Down began with Henry getting the job, so it would be fitting to say it ended with Henry quitting the job.

As an aside — Lizzy Caplan’s bangs throughout season two were simply hideous.

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