Terse Movie Review – Killing Them Softly, dir. by Andrew Dominik

Killing Them Softly poster.jpg

Not nearly as good as the last Andrew Dominik/Brad Pitt collaboration — The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert F0rd — but then again, not much is.  Overall, I liked it.

Still, it’s real easy to see why the film failed to set the box office on fire and was slapped with Cinema Score of F — a grade that puts it in rare company.  After all, when you sell the movie as some sort of shoot ’em up heist/gangster picture, when it’s really more meditative, you’re bound to piss people off and lose a boatload of money.  Lesson to be learned:  while the movie-going public tends to be stupid and fixated on big-budgeted-blow-’em-ups, they also don’t like to feel tricked.  And I can see how this movie might come across as a trick.

In fairness, though, the trickery was not on the movie.  It’s the morons in marketing who screwed the pooch.

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