Terse Movie Review – Room 237, Dir. by Rodney Ascher

Room 237 (2012 film).jpg

The most fascinatingly wacky movie I think I’ve ever seen — who would have thought it so interesting to listen to a bunch of stupid theories for two hours about a movie I love?  And yet, it was.

Honestly, though, I think the movie might’ve been more disturbing than The Shining itself.  Because the music in horror movies is usually what does it for me  — if you’re itching to see me turn a little lily-livered, play Tubular Bells around me and it just might happen — the music used in this doc gave me the eerie, creeping feeling throughout.  And all that without considering how the blend of classic horror and holocaust-film footage worked on me.

As much as I loved the wackiness and audacity of some of the theories, the real triumph is in the editing.  If ever I’ve seen a movie where I can say the editing deserves an Oscar over all others, it’s this one.

BTW, since this didn’t make it to an actual theater in my town, I gotta give some love to the Amazon Instant App on my Blu-Ray player — I might wear that thing out with all the VOD movies I’m itching to see.

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