Terse Movie Review – Spring Breakers, dir. by Harmony Korine


Lots of people will see this movie for lots of the wrong reasons — namely, to see some House of Mouse girls gone wild. And maybe, if they’re lucky, enjoy some he do is if the ills in a teen comedy romp. And when those people go to this movie they will be dreadfully disappointed, though not because they’ve seen a bad movie. No, it’ll be because they’ve seen a great movie and are too stupid to recognize it.

Given this movie is massively-inscrutable and almost impossible to describe, I’ll give it a try: Imagine a if Terry Malick, instead of making To The Wonder, went off and remade Scarface instead. Only, instead of setting it during the height of the Marielito business and cocaine boom, he set it during spring break and turned Tony Montana into a whacked-out guru for a hunch of college girls.

That’s about as accurate and I can make my description and, unfortunately, I’m not the only one who struggles with such things.

Anyway, if nothing else, see this movie just for one of the greatest performances you’ll see this year — a sleazy, bravura, creeptastic James Franco. Say what you will about not being right in the Oz movie, or tanking the Oscars, but when he shows up in this movie he hijacks the bitch, grabs it by the throat and pretty much doesn’t let go. even though I know the Academy would never think of giving an Oscar for a performance like this, they absolutely should.

(BTW, I’m aware this is supposed to be a terse movie review, but sometimes, things just get away from you)

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