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“Never Go With A Hippie To A Second Location”: The Ten Best 30 Rock Episodes

Black background with yellow and white block lettering.In honor of the ending of 30 Rock this week – easily one of the two greatest TV shows of all time – it’s time to break down it’s ten best episodes, if only to remind myself of the excellence that will henceforth live only in re-runs.

30-rock-jackie-jormp-jomp10. Jackie Jormp-Jomp (Season 3)

Prior to this episode, Liz had attempted to use her sexuality to stop cutbacks from effecting TGS – a common threat over the course of 30 Rock.  Of course, her reward is a suspension for sexual harassment and having to deal with everybody’s favorite transgender-HR specialist, Jeffery Weinerslav.  During her suspension, she tries to find a way to fill the time and finally falls in with some women in her building, going to spas and having massages all day, which is something she could definitely get used to.  Except, their perfect existence is not exactly what it seems and requires other stimuli to sustain them.  Two words: Fight Club. Continue reading

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Terse Movie Review – Lincoln, dir. by Steven Spielberg

Tedious and boring and unimaginatively directed.  Importance of subject and quality of movie is a false equivalency.  The most interesting parts were the machinations to get the amendment passed.  All other business – the son’s return, the soldiers at the beginning, anything to do with Mrs. Lincoln, anything within twenty minutes of the ending – were extraneous.  When it was over I really believed there was a fantastic 100 minute thriller about the politicking involved in politics being smothered inside a 150 minute movie.  At least Daniel Day-Lewis was good.

(Apologies for this being less-than-terse, but as Lincoln seems fated to win Best Picture at the Oscars, it seemed fair to go big.)

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Terse Book Reviews – ‘Salem’s Lot by Stephen King


Really made me wonder if vampirism is just a metaphor for homosexuality?  Or outsider-ness in general.

(Incidentally, the copy of this book above is not my first copy, it’s my second.  I actually picked this up at a salvation army for a buck and would you believe it but this is actually a first printing paperback.  What’s curious is that because it’s a first printing paperback it not only pre-dates one of King’s children, but also pre-dates his super-stardom.  After all, in later years the ‘Stephen King’ name would go prominently on the cover of all his work.  Clearly, with this printing, he hadn’t yet achieved that ubiquity.)

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Terse Movie Reviews – Three Pack

Since I started the Terse Book Review feature to help put out some product on the blog – yes, even though you get this for free, I still feel like I should be giving more – there’s no reason not to transition to movies.  So, here goes:

The Outlaw Josey Wales

Good movie, but there’s more spitting here than a porno. Continue reading

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Fooled Ya – Ten Hoax Movies

In honor of both Lance Armstrong admitting his Tour de France victories were a sham, and Manti Te’o getting caught up in some weird catfish-nonsense about his online-girlfriend, it seemed a good time to run out a list of movies you could draw from to program your Hoax-themed film festivals this weekend. Continue reading

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Goliath On Smashwords

Series comprising Silhouettes of my face

Don’t know if I mentioned it, but my novel, Goliath, is out on Smashwords.  You can get it right now, if you hurry.  Don’t be afraid to buy.  Supplies are limited – only to the amount I can sell.

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Terse Book Reviews – Miami Blues by Charles Willeford










A great unsung crime novel marred only by occasionally clunky dialog/exposition.  Ripe for rediscovery.  Also a great movie.

(As a note, the afterward of the story includes a notice of the main character winning a baking contest in which she is identified as Mrs. Frank Mansifield.  For those aware of the Willeford oeuvre, they already know Frank Mansfield was the protagonist of Willeford’s earlier novel, Cockfighter.  Glad to see Frank Mansfield managed to find himself love.)

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Terse Book Reviews – The Auctioneer










Most fiction requires a suspension of disbelief – zombies, Frankenstein, Dracula, et al.  Few require a suspension of logic.  This book does.  I don’t like that.

Incidentally, you can buy my copy here.

(As a note: I discovered this book through this blog.  If you like vintage horror fiction, it’s a great place to be.)

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Now Available – Vacancy – The Paul Angstrom Stories #2

CoverAs you all may or may not know, I busted one of my stories out recently – The Piano – and let it stand on it’s own, largely because I had a follow up coming about the same character.  Well, that follow up is here.  It’s called Vacancy and can be had on the Kindle for the low-low price of $0.99.  But it now.

But, if that’s not your cup of tea, buy something else – it’s all right here.

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The Best Picture Project – Braveheart (1995)

Directed by Mel Gibson

Screenplay by Randall Wallace

Starring Mel Gibson, Brendan Gleeson, Patrick McGoohan and Sophie Marceau

Most of you know by now – at least my few, regular, cherished readers do – that I’ve been doing the Best Picture Project on and off for an ungodly number of years.  To fill the space between those posts I’ve put in lists, product placements, and anything else I could think of.  If I didn’t, months might pass between some of the posts in that series.  Well, to be more regular with the posting, I started up a series called Terse Book Reviews.  Obviously, these are what they are called – Terse Book Reviews. Continue reading

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