Introducing – Terse Book Reviews

Spook001Regular Readers to this site know by now that I tend to not be very regular with my posts – that’s because I have a real job that demands my time, and also because in my spare time from that I tend to write books.  Which means that material for this site is dreamed up in my spare time from my hobby.

However, because I have a strange tendency to feel guilty about not giving a bunch of freeloaders more free stuff – don’t be offended I called you a freeloader, that’s what you are – I’ve decided to add a new feature: The Terse Book Review.  There’s really no need to explain it further than that only that the reviews will be short and to the point, they will include little or no plot summaries, and won’t focus on any one genre or time period.  The only focus will be on what I’m reading for fun.

Stay tuned for the first post in a matter of days.  First up: The Spook Who Sat By The Door, by Sam Greenlee.

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