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Terse Book Reviews – Holidays on Ice by David Sedaris

Holidays On Ice001












As good as Sedaris’ performance of the Santaland Diaries is for This American Life on NPR, it bums me out because it still leaves out lots of funny material.

(Note:  I actually didn’t really read all of Holiday’s On Ice by David Sedaris, I actually only read the Santaland Diaries.  In fairness, I’ve read the whole book before and was only coming back for a holiday re-read.)

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Fish Out Of Water – Now on Smashwords

Cover 20So, just as my YA novel, Girl Band, was recently announced as being on Smashwords, so is my latest YA novel, Fish out of Water.  It’s still the same low price of $1.99, but now you can get it for all your reading platforms, not just Kindle, Nook or paperback.

As always, it never hurts to buy things.

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Terse Book Reviews – The Other, by Thomas Tryon

Interogatory Answers001

My copy of Thomas Tryon’s The Other (from March 1972, says the copyright page) has the tagline “You have never read a novel like this one,” which I can definitively say is untrue.  The Other is hardly the first dull, uninvolving book I read in my life.  Something tells me it will also not be the last.

Incidentally, if you like, you can purchase my copy of this book here.

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Girl Band – Now on Smashwords

Cover BetterHey, I know nobody get’s tired of me flogging my own work here so, why not do it again.  Even though Girl Band is already out at Amazon, in Kindle and paperback versions (don’t pay attention to what the cover of the paperback looks like – it will look like the cover of the Kindle version, but for some reason, Amazon refuses to update it) you can now get all your other reading platforms met by Smashwords.  So, if you’ve been a regular reader here and hadn’t bought yet because you wanted to read on your non-Kindle device – such as your iPad, Nook, Sony Reader, Kobo, and the rest – now you can.

Get Girl Band now – still only $1.99.  And don’t be afraid to buy something else from me.  I never say no to a sale.

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Terse Book Reviews – The Spook Who Sat By The Door, by Sam Greenlee


Explosive ideas buried by uninspiring prose.

Incidentally, you can buy my copy here.

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Goliath – On Sale Now! (UPDATED)(UPDATED)

Series comprising Silhouettes of my faceAs always, you can tell that I’m working on other projects simply by looking at the lag between regular posts here and over the past few months my loyal readers should have noted an increasing lag between posts.  This was because I was putting the finishing touches on my new book, Goliath.  And now, it’s finally available for the Kindle.

Here’s the blurb:

“Flora Lichtman had it all – the boyfriend, a job with the storied law firm of Bart, Grabek & Morse and upward mobility.  But when hard times threaten to shutter the firm, everything turns upside-down.

“Salvation comes in the form Jack Jarvis, the notorious schmoozer and rainmaker, who promises to turn it all right-side-up.  But Jarvis is also a prima donna and when Flora finds herself assigned to ‘mind’ him, she sees firsthand the fool’s errand this stroke of genius can be.

“Goliath might not be fit for polite society, but it’s never less-than entertaining.”

For the moment, the book is available solely for the Kindle at a low-low price of $2.99.  And seriously, how cheap is that for a book I spent six months or more working on?  Printed and Nook versions will follow.

(UPDATE) Nook version is now available here, also for the low-low $2.99 price point

(UPDATE) Printed version is available now from Createspace for only $9.75 – if you buy it there, I get more money, not some corporate power.  If you have to have it on Amazon, you can always check my store when it pops up there.

And, in the even you don’t want Goliath, try something else I’ve written – you can find it all here.

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Introducing – Terse Book Reviews

Spook001Regular Readers to this site know by now that I tend to not be very regular with my posts – that’s because I have a real job that demands my time, and also because in my spare time from that I tend to write books.  Which means that material for this site is dreamed up in my spare time from my hobby.

However, because I have a strange tendency to feel guilty about not giving a bunch of freeloaders more free stuff – don’t be offended I called you a freeloader, that’s what you are – I’ve decided to add a new feature: The Terse Book Review.  There’s really no need to explain it further than that only that the reviews will be short and to the point, they will include little or no plot summaries, and won’t focus on any one genre or time period.  The only focus will be on what I’m reading for fun.

Stay tuned for the first post in a matter of days.  First up: The Spook Who Sat By The Door, by Sam Greenlee.

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The Ten Best Christmas Movies (and What’s Wrong With Them)

christmas-wreath-300x300Well, it’s pretty clichéd to put out a list of the greatest Christmas Movies at Christmas Time.  It’s also pretty clichéd what winds up on the list.  Never one to miss a bandwagon I’m jumping right up on it to present my ten favorite Christmas Movies, mostly in no real order, even if I’ve numbered them in order.  However, just because I’m doing the clichéd thing doesn’t mean I won’t try to tweak it a little so, here it is: The Ten Best Christmas Movies and What’s Wrong With Them. Continue reading

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The Lake House – Book Trailer

Cover1Well, anybody who’s read this blog knows I write – and not just on this blog.  If you didn’t know it, you can buy my books here.  If you really loved me, you go there now and buy something.

Anyway, if a bit of downtime last week I whipped up a little book trailer for a recent work of mine, The Lake House.  It’s nothing special (at least by Hollywood standards) and a little rough, but what do you expect for something put together over the course of about 90 minutes?



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