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The Best Picture Project – The Artist (2011)

Directed and Written by Michel Hazanavicius

Starring Jean Dujardin and Berenice Bejo

Unlike my wife and daughter, I am no movie snob.  For my wife, she refuses to see anything that requires subtitles – so no Truffaut and Herzog for her.  For my daughter, anything in black and white is out the window, which means just about any movie made before 1960 is out.  It makes me sad to think of the great films her snobbery will deprive her of.

Anyway, though I’m not snob, and though I love silent films as much as anybody – my particular favorite is The General, though I’m also partial to Harold Lloyd – I’ve got to acknowledge that watching a silent film is exhausting.  Unlike a ‘talkie’, where the story is told in sounds and images, silent films require so much more attention and fidelity to the image on screen that it can literally where you out.

This, ultimately, is my problem with The Artist. Continue reading

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Milestone Reached – 10,000 pageviews

ImageSo, I know it might not be that big of a deal to people like Amazon or Ebay, who get millions of page-views, but I’m pleased to announce that this little blog of mine has finally reached 10,000 page views as of today.

ImageAre you curious about what post has had the most pageviews?  Of course it’s the one with nudity in the title, with more than 1/5 of all pageviews on this blog.


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Celeste Holm and Longest Suriving Oscar Winners

On the heels of Ernest Borgnine passing last week, forcing an edit to the post about the longest surivivng Oscar winners, comes word of the death of Celeste Holm, Best Supporting Actress 1950, Genetleman’s Agreement.

As of this writing, the longest surviving Oscar winner in the Best Supporting Actress category is Eva Marie Saint, for On The Waterfront, 1954.

You can view the edited post here.

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Ernest Borgnine and Longest Suriving Oscar Winners

File:Ernest Borgnine McHale McHale's Navy 1962.JPGSome months ago I wrote a post about the longest surviving Oscar winners, one of who was Ernest Borgnine.  Obviously, with his recent death, that post will have to be changed to reflect his passing.

As of this writing, the longest surviving Oscar winner in the Best Actor category is Maximillian Schell, for Judgment at Nuremberg, 1961.

R.I.P Ernie.

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Ten Drive-In Scenes To Remember

Recently, my wife and I took our kids to a drive-in theater about an hour from my house.  As I kid I remember going to the drive-in several times, seeing such classics as Jaws 3:D and Kenny Rogers/Diane Lane/Erin Gray vehicle Six Pack, but my kids had never had the experience.  We saw Brave, which was substandard Pixar, and The Avengers, which was slightly better than all right.  Anyway, in honor of the event it seemed like a fun idea to look back at the ten most memorable Drive-In scenes in the movies – at least memorable to me. Continue reading

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