Kindle Dierct Publishing Results 4.0

So, I decided to do another free promo period through the Amazon Kindle Direct Program for my young adult novel, Girl Band.  It’d previously been free several months ago and did all right, with my main advertising being through my friends Facebook.    Because it’d already been through the promo period once before, I had no real intentions of getting a big boost out of another one, or of generating any sales for my other books.  Instead, I planned to use this promo period to do a multi-stage advertising process, to gauge where the sales were coming from.  Of course, any results I got would obviously be tempered by the fact that Girl Band was already free once before and so a number of potential buyers would already be out.  On the other hand, there were lessons to still be learned, and I was not afraid to learn them.

For this promotion I went with a four day long promotion that covered a weekend – Friday through Monday.  In anticipation of the first day I submitted a link of the book, and announcement of the free days, to the following sites:

  • Google Boards
  • Flurries of words
  • Bargain book hunter
  • Indie book list
  • That book place
  • Frugal Ereader
  • E-reader news today
  • Indie Book Of The Day

Though I submitted to these sites, I cannot vouch that any of them put up a link for the book – other than the message boards – but these are the sites I chose and for the first 36 hours of availability, I made no other postings.  In that time I managed to give away the following:

  • US store – 27 Copies
  • UK store – 6 copies
  • 0 copies for the rest of the world.

I thought these numbers were respectable, but disappointing.  I assumed that, given the number of places I submitted to I might get a few more than that, but given the book had already been available for free, and given I’d already had some sales of it, the numbers weren’t so awful that I felt bad about them.

Day two began with posts in places I thought would get more traction.  I posted on:

  • The Last Blog Name On Earth (This blog)
  • Createspace Boards – it’s own topic
  • Amazon US boards – it’s own topic
  • Amazon UK boards – it’s own topic
  • Goodreads – Free book thread
  • Goodreads – it’s own topic
  • Snick List
  • Kindle Boards – it’s own topic
  • Kindle Baords – free links topic

If anybody knows anything about the Kindle Boards it’s that, unless you get comments on the threads you create, the quickly fall down the list and out of site – in essence, they disappear.  To counter this, I tried to coordinate with another person for comments on my threads, in order to be bumped up and stay relevant, but the moderators saw through that ruse pretty quick and I received no appreciable benefit from it.  Still, it is somewhat odd to think that when you’re trying to give something away for free you have to play by the same silly rules that the people actually selling things do.  Honestly, it might be time for the Kindle Boards to create a separate area – like the Book Bazaar, but for free books.

By the end of 24 hours on from day 2, I moved a grand total of:

  • US store – 49 Copies
  • UK store – 23 copies
  • 0 copies for the rest of the world.

Day three began with checking updates on sales, and also hunting down a few more option for promotion.  Given the fact I do not have enough reviews of the book to be posted on lots of good sites, I was left to post things here:

  • Amazon US – Indie authors self promotion topic
  • Amazon US – Young adult topic I started months ago, just updated
  • Amazon US – Shameless self-promotion thread

It should come as no surprise that in the hours immediately after these postings, no further downloads occurred.

By the time the promo period finally came to an end, at the close of day 4, I’d moved a total of:

  • US Store – 72 copies
  • UK store – 25 copes
  • 0 copies for the rest of the world.

What do these numbers mean – probably not a lot.  One takeaway I get from it is that the second promo period is never as successful as the first – it hasn’t been either of the times I’ve done one – and even with all the extra legwork I did to get Girl Band out there the second time around, the numbers still paled.  Clearly, the lesson is to make the biggest possible blitz you can the first time, because after that, it’s going nowhere.

What does this mean to you?  It means that Girl Band will cease to be free, as I will let it lapse out of the Kindle Direct Program at the end of its term, then make it available for the Nook, et al.  So if you missed your chance to get something and not pay for it, I pity you.  It’s not as if I didn’t warn you.  Besides, at $1.99 for the book, it’s not as if it’s all that expensive anyway, so if you have to have it, go ahead and just buy it.

Just for giggles, watch the trailer .

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  1. The results can be disappointing with freeloads especially with all the free books currently, but the important point is that you get new readers – no matter how few. Good luck with future promotions, shoot me a line if you need ideas.

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