Special Editions A Best Seller! (Updated)

Hey people, just wanted to let you know that Special Editions, my newest short story collection is currently ranked as #32 on Amazon’s Free Kindle Short Story list and #33 on Amazon’s Free Kindle Literary Fiction list.  On the one hand, I want to be bummed out, because that’s such a niche market and I had to give away every single copy – no sales.  But on the other hand, that’s not freaking bad.   And guess who is now going to forever use the tag “Best Seller” in relation to himself?  That’s right – me!

Hey, if you want to be part of the party, get in there now and download and maybe we’ll see this thing hit #1!

(Update: As of this morning, June 8, the numbers changed slightly.  While it had dropped to #36 on the short story list, it was up to #27 on the literary fiction list, so suck on that)

(As an aside, I recognize the irony of being a best seller of a ‘free’ book – after all, how can you sell something that’s free?  But just because I recognize the irony doesn’t mean I won’t ignore the parts that aren’t useful to me.)

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