Good News, Something Free For You

I guess it only seems fair that after having pimped my writing ceaselessly the last few weeks I actually give back a little bit.  Obviously, while I really want you to buy my book, Peck: A Book, either on Kindle or for the Nook, I’m okay with giving things away for free from time-to-time.  And since you’re reading a blog that doesn’t pay you to read it, obviously you don’t mind taking things for free, either.

For a limited, five day run, from June 7 – June 11, you can get your copy of my short story collection, Special Editions, for free for the kindle.  Just follow this link and have at it.  Download it once, download it twice, download it a hundred times – it’s Free!

And just because I’m in such a giving mood, go ahead and enjoy my other novel, While You Were Here, free for just a single day, June 7, 2012.  Get it here.

And if you really feel like you’ve gotta pay for something, pick something on this list and buy until your conscience is clear.


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