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Kindle Dierct Publishing Results 4.0

So, I decided to do another free promo period through the Amazon Kindle Direct Program for my young adult novel, Girl Band.  It’d previously been free several months ago and did all right, with my main advertising being through my friends Facebook.    Because it’d already been through the promo period once before, I had no real intentions of getting a big boost out of another one, or of generating any sales for my other books.  Instead, I planned to use this promo period to do a multi-stage advertising process, to gauge where the sales were coming from.  Of course, any results I got would obviously be tempered by the fact that Girl Band was already free once before and so a number of potential buyers would already be out.  On the other hand, there were lessons to still be learned, and I was not afraid to learn them. Continue reading

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Get It While It’s Free

Loyal readers, the embarrassment of riches continues with my first young adult novel, Girl Band, going free again for the Kindle.  Since the first time it went free I know that traffic at this blog as increased, so maybe now is the time to give back to my new loyal readers and what better giveaway than Girl Band.  So, don’t be afraid to take it and if you do, maybe you’ll help push this one all the way to #1.

Get it now!

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Kindle Direct Publishing Results 3.0

 So, loyal readers – and other people who came to this site simply because there is a post or two buried in the archive containing the word ‘nudity’ – by now you probably know I’ve gotten slightly sidetracked from my regular posts in the Best Picture Project in trying to figure out the quirks of Kindle Direct Publishing platform, specifically the Select program and how to make it a success. Obviously, I’m apologetic over that and promise I’m working to get a new post going, but you’ll have to humor me while I chase down other interests.

Anyway, my first go-round with the KDP Select was a few months ago, when I enrolled my first novel, Girl Band, a little young-adult thing I really happen to enjoy. Taking a chance I made it free for two days, made a single posting on Kindle Boards to announce it, and managed to move somewhere around 250 books. I thought that was pretty good, considering the general lack of promotion. Obviously, I would have preferred more than that, but oh well. Continue reading

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Special Editions A Best Seller! (Updated)

Hey people, just wanted to let you know that Special Editions, my newest short story collection is currently ranked as #32 on Amazon’s Free Kindle Short Story list and #33 on Amazon’s Free Kindle Literary Fiction list.  On the one hand, I want to be bummed out, because that’s such a niche market and I had to give away every single copy – no sales.  But on the other hand, that’s not freaking bad.   And guess who is now going to forever use the tag “Best Seller” in relation to himself?  That’s right – me!

Hey, if you want to be part of the party, get in there now and download and maybe we’ll see this thing hit #1!

(Update: As of this morning, June 8, the numbers changed slightly.  While it had dropped to #36 on the short story list, it was up to #27 on the literary fiction list, so suck on that)

(As an aside, I recognize the irony of being a best seller of a ‘free’ book – after all, how can you sell something that’s free?  But just because I recognize the irony doesn’t mean I won’t ignore the parts that aren’t useful to me.)

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Good News, Something Free For You

I guess it only seems fair that after having pimped my writing ceaselessly the last few weeks I actually give back a little bit.  Obviously, while I really want you to buy my book, Peck: A Book, either on Kindle or for the Nook, I’m okay with giving things away for free from time-to-time.  And since you’re reading a blog that doesn’t pay you to read it, obviously you don’t mind taking things for free, either.

For a limited, five day run, from June 7 – June 11, you can get your copy of my short story collection, Special Editions, for free for the kindle.  Just follow this link and have at it.  Download it once, download it twice, download it a hundred times – it’s Free!

And just because I’m in such a giving mood, go ahead and enjoy my other novel, While You Were Here, free for just a single day, June 7, 2012.  Get it here.

And if you really feel like you’ve gotta pay for something, pick something on this list and buy until your conscience is clear.


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I Told You There’d Be More Self Promotion

So, I know it seems like I’ve had a lot of things coming out recently.  Some of that is due to projects kind of piling up in the queue and finally being done, some of it is due to the fact that I dusted off some things from the shelf that I just hadn’t gotten to final editing and obviously they didn’t need as much time to complete as something just started from scratch.   A lot of what backed everything up was Peck: A Book, which is finally done and available.

Unlike my other works, which will run you $0.99 or $1.99 on the Kindle and Nook, Peck: A Book is gonna set you back $2.99 but that’s because I think it’s worth it and since it’s my favorite of everything I’ve written, I’d kind of like to think it’s worth more.  But even at $2.99 it’s practically a steal, so don’t be a cheap-o.  Buy it!

If you prefer the Kindle, check it out here.

If you’re more partial to the Nook, check it out here.

If you’re partial to paperbacks, I’ll update when they’re ready.

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More Self Promotion

Sorry to have to do it to you again, but just yesterday put out a short collection of stories for the Kindle.  It’s called Special Editions and you can see the cover by merely sliding your eyes across this page to the left.

<— Right there.

Anyhow, for the moment you can buy it here for the low, low price of $0.99 for your Kindle.  For those of you who prefer you things in hardcopy form, a print edition will soon follow.

So, just so you know, Special Editions is a short collection of four stories, for a total of 17,000 words.  Because it’s short I also included in the Kindle version the first chapter of my upcoming novel, Peck: A Book.   Never fear, as soon as that’s ready to go, I’ll be pimping it here, too.

In the meantime, buy something else.  It’ll make you feel good.

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