Another New Cover

Well, three of four covers are complete, the newest is at left for my novel While You Were Here.

It’s hard to summarize what the book is about but basically it’s about a couple in an already-bad marriage that is made worse when tragedy strikes.  The book follows their lives for 25 yeas after the tragedy, showing how each deals with it and how there are two ways you can go when presented with death: you can either give in and let it be a weight on you that drags you down, or you can realize life is fragile and use your time wisely.  On the one hand, I know the book sounds depressing, but on the other, I know it’s really not.

Anyway, you can get it on Amazon here for the Kindle or in paperback, but if you’re going to get it in paperback, buy it through Createspace, because I make more money from those, even though they are the exact same book.  In any event, don’t be afraid to get th ebook, it’s less than a $1, which isn’t all bad.

Also, I promise that a real post is forthcoming.

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