New Covers

I know another commercial for something I’ve written is probably not what you were looking for, but lately I’ve been working on a number of projects (I have about five writing projects in various states of development) and amongst them I’ve been working through new covers of the books I’ve got out there. Recently, I put out two. You can see the new cover for Girl Band at left and you can buy it here on Amazon. At $1.99 it’s cheap for the Kindle. It’s also a steal if you have to buy it in paperback, especially it you get it here. So don’t be stingy, buy.

I also changed the cover of my latest book, Fish Out Of Water. You can get it here on Amazon for kindle and in paperback and here on Barnes and Noble for the Nook. All ebooks are only $1.99.  Obviously you can also get it in paperback format at Amazon and also here.

Now, I know I’ve been slow with the real posts, but I promise, I’m bringing one out this next week in The Best Picture Project.  All I can say, to tease it is, “I’m a very good driver.”

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