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The Best Picture Project – Tom Jones (1963)

Dir. Tony Richardson

Starring Albert Finney, Hugh Griffith, Susannah York, Edith Evans and David Warner

Screenplay by John Osborne, based on Henry Fielding’s novel of the same name

In the history of the academy awards, Tom Jones as Best Picture winner seems a major anomaly because it might be the most subversive of Best Pictures ever – bearing in mind that subversion and the Academy Awards are relative things.  Nevertheless, given some of its darker and lustier themes, and their presentation in a jaunty, shiny package, it’s still a subversive film, if not as much as it otherwise could have been. Continue reading

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More Book Reviews

Sorry I’m a little slow about the Best Picture Project, but I’ve got a couple of book reviews I recently finished.  Also, I’m working on a huge non-fiction project that just got a major boost this week.  Unfortunately, because I refuse to discuss ongoing projects that I work on outside this blog until they’re finished, I’ll just have to leave you wanting more.

Anyway, the two most recent book reviews are here and here.  One is for the book pictured at left, which wasn’t too bad.  The other was for a putrid book that I refuse to advertise in any way on my site beyond sending you to a book review.

In any event, as we speak I’m doing a post on for the Best Picture Project, so check back in a few days for that.

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