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What I Read – Forsaken by Andrew Van Wey

Book Review: Forsaken   Author Andrew Van Wey forsaken 333x500 As you know, I’m also now reviewing books for Horrornews.Net.  My first review was of a book called Zombielicious and my next is for a book called Forsaken.  If you want, read my review here.

As always, check here often for further updates in the Best Picture Project.

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The Best Picture Project – A Man For All Seasons (1966)

Directed by Fred Zinnemann

Starring Paul Schofield, Leo McKern, John Hurt, Wendy Hiller, Robert Shaw and Orson Wells

Written by Robert Bolt, from his play of the same name

I struggled a little bit with A Man For All Seasons.  It wasn’t that the movie was bad, and I thought it didn’t deserve to win best picture.  Or that the performances were bad, or the writing was boring, because none of that was true.  Rather, I struggled because A Man For All Seasons happens to be one of those films that, despite winning Best Picture, falls into the category of ‘doesn’t invoke passion from me.’  Perhaps if I were a Brit, or overly religious and cared about the reformation of the church in England, I’d have some way into the film, but I don’t.  Instead, it’s just another of those movies that I saw that, despite finding nothing I could really fault about it, I also couldn’t find anything to trumpet about it. Continue reading

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What am I doing?

Hey everybody, sorry if there’s been a little delay in getting out a new post recently, but I swear, a legitimate one is coming.  Next up for The Best Picture Project is 1966’s A Man For All Seasons, and I hope to have that out in the next few days it’s out now

In the meantime, you can hop on over and read a book review I wrote for on the book pictured at left – taking on some book reviews for another site is the reason for the delay over here.

In the meantime, keep checking back here for a new entry in The Best Picture Project.

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