If You Read My Blog, Buy My Books…

Girl BandFor some time you might’ve noticed the banner running down the right side of this page shilling my novel Girl Band, so you’ve always had the ability to put your money where your mouth is by buying it.  You have three ways you can get it:

          Through Amazon, for the rock-bottom price of $10.

          Through Createspace, for the same price of $10.

          For the Kindle for the super-rock-bottom price of $0.99.

If you need any convincing about it, check out the trailer for it here.

it's not a chick flickWell, now it’s time to pony up for the second book, it’s not a chick flick.  For a little taste, you can see the trailer here, or you could just jump over to these fine retailers and be amongst the charter members of the club to have it.

          You can get it through Amazon for the nearly ultra-cheap price of $10.50.

          You can get it at Createspace for the nearly ultra-cheap price of $10.50.

          It will also be available for the Kindle for the super-ultra-chearp price of $0.99.


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