Sorry I’m so Slow…

Sorry I’m so slow about getting a new post going this week but it seems like everything on earth has intervened to prevent a proper one.  First, there’s my real job – lawyer to broken families.    Then there is the work I’ve been doing on three projects, racing them towards various levels of completion.

Project #1: While You Were Here, a novel I entered in last years Amazon ABNA contest, getting through the first round but losing out at the second cut.  Even though I was a bit depressed it went nowhere int he contest I just recently decided that I couldn’t let all my hard work go to nothing so, flawed or not, I’ve been doing another draft on it, just so I can finally put it behind me.  A quick proofread in the next few weeks and some time to brainstorm cover art and the promo videos I like doing and it’ll be available on Createspace.

Project #2: Untitled, a young adult novel that is in the early stages right now and which requires a massive amount of work to get the story and pacing and tone down.  Will need at least two more drafts, probably three, so don’t look for it anytime soon.  Maybe after the summer.

Project #3: Brother Pig, an idea that’s been rattling around in my head for a few weeks.  Readers of my novel this is not a chick flick – currently limited to my daughter and wife – will recognize the title of this piece as the title of the movie in the same novel, and this idea is my expansion of that movie.  Readers of Updike’s Bech books will also recognize it as the title of one of Henry Bech’s novels.  How’s that for a cross over?

In the meantime you can always buy and read my last novel, Girl Band, either in hardcopy or for the Kindle.

Incidentally, loyal readers will probably be asking themselves about the progress of my novel, this is not a chick flick, who’s imminent appearance I trumpeted in these very pages.  The honest truth is that I’ve been shopping it to agents, with some minimum amount of success, and wanted to let that play out first.  Also, it’s in the next round of the Amazon ABNA contest and as long as it keeps going, you’ll have to keep waiting.  Until then, you’ll just have to be satisfied with the cover art, at left.

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