More Shameless Shilling For ‘Girl Band’


In case you haven’t yet figured it out, I wrote a little book called Girl Band – you might have seen the little spiel on it in the column on the right side of the front page.  You might have also seen posts on it regularly.  And since this is my blog and I don’t mind a little shameless shilling, so here’s some more…

For a while now Girl Band has been available through , at a bargain price of $10.  In spite of this it’s only finally just been formatted for reading on the Kindle, so, if you aren’t into spending $10 for a book by some bozo who runs a blog, how does $0.99 sound?  Because if you buy it for the Kindle, that’s all it’ll be.

Now, come on, you know you want to buy it, so go do it already.

Also, back later today, or maybe tomorrow with a fresh post.

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